Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Mendon Launches CodeRED System

The Mendon Police Department is proud to announce the launch of our new CodeRED community notification system to send important alerts and time-sensitive messages to  residents. Along with emergency and critical messages, the CodeRED notification system will also enhance community engagement via the release of important but non-emergency information such as road closures and trash collection schedule changes, snow plow schedules and other services. 

CodeRED Key Benefits

CodeRED will deliver several benefits for residents and will allow us to more efficiently manage and distribute notifications before, during and after emergency and non-emergency events: 

Registration for this notification service is customized, allowing residents to choose which alerts they’d like to receive, as well as their preferred channel.

Residents can select several different methods including landline, cell phone, email, text message, TTY, or even a combination. These alerts can be specific to streets, neighborhoods or regions, so individuals within affected areas are sure to receive relevant information.   

Residents and visitors can keep track of alerts in Mendon with the CodeRED Mobile App, which notifies smartphone holders of real-time alerts in the area. Similar to the online registration, users choose which notifications they’d like to receive via the app.

Register Today

Mendon residents and business owners are encouraged to sign up for the community notification program.

This system provides a centralized method to keep residents and those who live and work in Mendon better informed during major events, emergencies or weather-related incidents, like power outages and shelter notifications.

You should not assume that your contact information is already in the system. Sign up below or click here.

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