School Safety

Safety Tips when headed to and from school

        • Never walk while texting. If you need to respond to a text, move out of the way of others and stop on the sidewalk.
        • Never cross the street while using an electronic device.
        • Look left, right, then left again before crossing the street.
        • Cross only at crosswalks.
        • Drivers should be on increased alert when traveling through school zones and should NEVER text and drive. 
        • Stop and yield to pedestrians crossing the crosswalk or intersection.
        • Always stop for a crossing guard holding up a stop sign.
        • Take extra care to look out for children in school zones, near playgrounds and parks, and in all residential areas.
        • Do not honk or rev your engine to scare a pedestrian, even if you have the right of way.
        • Never pass a vehicle stopped for pedestrians.

Bus Safety

Getting on the Bus:

        • When waiting for the bus, stay away from traffic and avoid roughhousing or other behavior that can lead to carelessness.
        • Line up away from the street as the bus approaches.
        • Wait until the bus has stopped and the doors open before approaching.

Behavior on the Bus:

        • If available, always wear your seat belt.
        • Don’t put your head, arms or hands out the window.
        • Wait for the bus to stop completely before getting up from your seat.

Getting off the Bus:

        • If you have to cross in front of the bus, walk at least 10 feet ahead until you can see the driver. Make sure the driver can see you too.
        • Wait for a signal from the driver before crossing. When the driver signals, look left, right, then left again. Walk across the road and keep an eye out for sudden traffic changes.
        • If your vision is blocked, move to an area where you can see other drivers and they can see you.

School Resource Officer (SRO)

The School Resource Officer (SRO) program was implemented to create and maintain a safe, secure, and orderly learning environment for students parents, teachers and other school personnel. The SRO program is just that, a resource. This program represents and reflects a proactive community partnership between Mendon and the Mendon-Upton Regional School District (MURSD). The School Resource Officer, has the primary responsibility for collaborating with the schools in developing and improving safety education programs, supervising the training of members of the Department as it relates to school safety issues, and overseeing the maintenance of traffic control devices on or near school zones. The School Resource Officers is a valuable part of the Mendon-Upton Regional School District and an important link between students and the community.


Officer Stephen Sinko is Mendon Police Department’s first School Resource Officer in over ten years to be assigned to work in the schools full-time, Monday through Friday. Other duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Acting as a resource and assisting with emergency preparedness as well as safety awareness education to various age groups
• Meeting regularly with MURSD staff students, and parents, to exchange information and discuss issues of concern within the school
• Serving as a point of contact to deliver programs such as crime prevention, conflict resolution, drug and alcohol awareness, violence prevention, and community relations outreach.
• Assist with calls for service and incidents occurring within the schools
• Assist with traffic safety and traffic enforcement activities at the schools

School resource Officer

Stephen Sinko

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