Police Department to Undergo Police Accreditation

Mendon Police Department

The Mendon Police Department will be hosting an on-site assessment by the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission, Inc., from April 29, 2024 to May 3, 2024.


An Assessment Team’s verification that our department meets the Commission’s standards is part of a voluntary process for State accreditation, a highly prized recognition of law enforcement professional excellence.


The Department has gone through several phases of the accreditation process to reach this point. The first phase was the creation of the policies and standards. The second phase was self-assessment of those polices and standards by the department’s accreditation manager and other staff members. The third
phase of the mock-assessment, which is being done by trained assessors from other police departments. The last phase is the assessment for accreditation.


The on-site assessment will conclude Friday, May 3, 2024, with a briefing with the assessors. The Team will then report its findings to the Commission, which in turn will decide if accredited status should be awarded. If awarded, accreditation will be granted for a period of three years.

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