Substance Abuse


Addiction is a chronic disease, not a personal choice or weakness. If it’s not treated, addiction becomes more serious, disabling, and dangerous.But there is hope. Addiction can be treated, and if you are struggling with addiction, you can recover. 


The Helpline is the only statewide, public resource for finding substance use treatment and recovery services. Helpline services are free and confidential. Our caring, trained Specialists will help you understand the treatment system and your options.


Talk with a Helpline Specialist at 800-327-5050

Available Services

        • Youth stabilization services
        • Residential services for youth
        • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Youth
        • Outpatient counseling for youth
        • Recovery high schools
        • Residential Services for Transition Age Youth
        • Youth and Young Adult recovery resources

Being part of a recovery community can help keep young people on their personal recovery path. It can also help them avoid setbacks and move forward if setbacks do occur. Supportive recovery communities provide a network of other young people who enjoy life without alcohol or other drugs. There are many types of supports available for young people in Massachusetts who are in recovery from a substance use disorder.

        • Recovery community activities
        • Self-help/12-step groups for youth
        • Recovery high schools
        • Collegiate recovery programs
        • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Youth
        • Youth and teen helplines

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