Internet Safety

Internet Safety for Kids

        • Don’t give anyone your password, name, address, the name of your school or any information about your family
        • Don’t talk to strangers on the Internet
        • Don’t agree to meet anyone in person that you’ve met online
        • Don’t fill in a profile that asks for your name and address
        • Don’t visit a chat room without an adult’s / parent’s permission
        • Don’t stay online if you see something you think your parents won’t like
        • Don’t post pictures of yourself without your parents’ permission
        • Do not download or install anything on your computer without your parents’ permission
        • If you have any questions about something you read, ask your parent or guardian
        • If you are talking to someone online and they make you uncomfortable, remember you don’t have to talk back to them

Internet Safety For Adults


        • Learn how to spot common scams and fraud – Find out the warning signs of internet fraud, phishing, and other online scams.
        • Update your computer software – Download the latest versions of your operating system, web browsers, and apps.
        • Talk to your kids about being safe and responsible online – If you are a parent, help protect your kids online by teaching them about the risks.


        • Don’t share your passwords or sensitive information with anyone you don’t trust – Think about why someone needs it and if you can really trust the request.Laptop security is also important when using a portable computer in public to help prevent all your valuable information stored on it from falling into the hands of an identity thief.
        • Don’t use the same passwords for multiple accounts – Try to make your passwords unpredictable and avoid using names, dates, or common words.
        • Don’t give out personal information over unencrypted websites – When shopping or banking online, only use websites that use encryption to protect your information as it goes from your computer to their server.

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