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The Detective Division of the Mendon Police Department is comprised of officers chosen for their knowledge, skills and abilities as patrol officers, and for their desire to investigate criminal matters and bring offenders to justice. Members of the Detective Division receive extensive specialized training in conducting criminal investigations and interviewing witnesses and suspects.

The goal of the Detective Division is to investigate and file felony charges when the evidence deduced has resulted in probable cause that a crime has been committed, thus enforcing the laws to protect citizens against crime. In criminal investigations the Division works with many other agencies to investigate its cases and to network information. When necessary, the division works with federal law enforcement agencies such as ICE, IRS, DEA, FBI and ATF. 

The Detective Division is responsible for most of the follow-up felony investigations within the Department. The Detective Division uses both traditional and cutting edge investigative methods for cases to which they are assigned, such as collection of physical evidence, computer technology, interviewing and interrogation techniques, as well as back-to-basics legwork.

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