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Community programs and outreach go a long way to establish trust between police departments and the communities they serve. The Mendon Police Department participates or hosts many community activities and programs in furtherance of our mission to serve our citizens through community policing. Presentations and demonstrations in the schools and in the community provide education, information, and create partnerships that benefit all of us. 

Maintaining police and youth relationships through programs such as the Mendon Police Explorers program or through support for and from Boy and Girl Scouts is an important aspect of building mutual trust and respect.  The Mendon police officers and command staff maintain deep ties to the community both on and off duty. 

Our department also offers a Citizens Police Academy that is designed to acquaint the public with the operations of the police department. It is our intention that after completion of this program,  participants will have a better understanding of the police officer’s role in the criminal justice system and an appreciation of the many challenges facing law enforcement in today’s society.

Participation in the Pink Patch Project is coming soon to our department to show our commitment to important causes such as breast cancer research. Officers will wear pink shoulder patches to raise awareness and to support cancer research. Our commitment to disabled children in central Massachusetts continues through the participation of officers in the Special Olympics and the Autism Patch Challenge. The Mendon Police Department remains committed to hosting or participating in many activities and initiatives to better serve the citizens of our town. Follow our community activities on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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