Citizen Complaint / Commendation

The Mendon Police Department endeavors to create a relationship of trust and confidence between the employees of this police department and the citizens of the community is essential to the successful accomplishment of law enforcement objectives. All police employees are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect favorably upon themselves and the Department. The consistently high quality this standard of conduct establishes and maintains the reputation of the Department and encourages the support of the community for police purposes and goals.


At times, during an interaction or other situation, a member of the public may disagree with the outcome of the interaction, may have a concern with the actions of an officer, or may want to show recognition for an officer’s actions.  The Mendon Police Department values the feedback it receives and takes citizen concerns seriously. 


The following instructions will assist in the filing of a complaint or commendation.   also assist in understanding the procedures that will occur with the filing of a complaint.    


Procedure for filing a complaint or commendation with the Mendon Police Department

  1. Fill out the Mendon Police Department’s Complaint Control Form or the Department’s Nomination for Recognition Form as completely as possible using all known information.
  2. When the form is filled out with as much information as you can provide, the form should be signed and then handed to the Officer in Charge of the shift. This officer will ensure that the form is delivered to the Lieutenant of the Mendon Police Department.  


What happens after the complaint has been filed?

  1. The Lieutenant will provide you with a written notice of receipt of the complaint. This will most likely be mailed to the address you provided. 
  2. The Lieutenant will commence an investigation. During this investigation, you will be contacted and updated with the progression of the investigation. 
  3. When the investigation is completed, you will be notified, in writing, of the conclusion.


What happens after a commendation is filed?

  1. Letters of commendation received by the Chief of Police result in notifying the officer of your gratitude and documentation is placed in their personnel file.

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