Chief Mathew M. Mantoni

Cause of Death: Gunfire

Date of Incident: Wednesday, January 11, 1950

Weapon Used: Gun

Suspect Info: Released from prison

Incident Description

Chief Mathew Mantoni was shot and killed after responding to a disturbance at a local bar at 0030 hours. As he entered the bar one of the patrons opened fire and struck him. Chief Mantoni returned fire and wounded the suspect. A female bystander was also shot and killed in the exchange of gunfire. The suspect was convicted of both murders, served his 35-year sentence, and was released.

Chief Mantoni was survived by his wife, son, and three daughters. He was born in Italy and is buried in Swandale Cemetery, Mendon, Worcester County, Massachusetts.

May 15, 1999

Police Chief Mathew Mantoni Memorial Dedication

Address to the People of Mendon by Lindsey Kempton

Chief Grady

Members of the Mendon Police Department

The Board of Selectmen

The Mantoni Family

Honorable Senator Moore

Honorable State Representative Parente

Retired Chief Townsend

And all in attendance.


About six weeks ago, Chief Grady asked me to participate in this ceremony, a Memorial Dedication for Mendon Police Chief Mathew Mantoni. He asked me to look into the events that resulted in the tragic shooting death of Chief Mathew Mantoni on January 11th, 1950. I did this and in doing so,  stepped back in time.

The Mendon Police Department of the 1950's was a different world than today. Funding was minimal. Mendon didn't own any Police cruisers. The Chief and his Officers used their own cars and purchased their own uniforms. They worked on a 

part-time basis -- and were paid hourly. Communications were by telephone only. Two-way radios  were still in the future for Mendon. Police Chiefs worked out of their homes and often times their wives took the calls. Mathew Mantoni served the town as a deputy fire chief,  was elected to the position of Constable,  and appointed, by the Board of Selectmen,  as Chief of Police. In order to support his family,  Chief Mantoni had to work another full-time job. If an emergency occurred while the Chief was at work a part-time Officer would be called until the Chief could arrive. But at night it was the Chief who answered and responded to the calls.

He responded to both the frivolous and the dangerous, usually without any backup. It was in this way that Mendon Police Chief Mathew Mantoni got up out of bed and responded to a call during the early morning hours of January 11th, 1950.

The owner of a local tavern (The Red Rooster), here in town, was called every night by his wife to chat and see how things were going. The owner and his wife shared a secret code word if things were not right. That night the word was spoken, his wife called the Chief and Mendon Police Chief Matthew Mantoni responded -- the rest is history.

Public service is a Calling. It was then, and it is now. The times have changed, Mendon has changed. Our police department is better funded; we have full-time police officers, cruisers, and radios. Mendon is a wonderful town. But then as now there were good guys and bad guys. Mathew Mantoni is a true Mendon hero. He took the Oath of Office, served our town, and paid the supreme price.

In honoring Chief Mantoni, who gave his life in the line of duty, we also honor all who have served the Town and worn the Uniform.

We pray that this never happens again.

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