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The Mendon Police Department established the Boy Scouts of America Exploring Law Enforcement Post 22 in October of 1998. The post is part of Learning for Life career education for young men and women ages 12 through 18 years of age. The more the individuals in the group ask of themselves and of one another, the greater possibilities they have to reach their goals. It is an experience that can last a life time. Learning for Life provides programs that are designed to support schools and other youth-serving organizations in its effort to prepare the youth to successfully handle the complexities of today’s society and to enhance self-confidence, motivation, and self-worth. Mendon Police Explorers are expected to maintain a high standard while in school.



In the Mendon Police Explorer’s Post, the Mendon Police Department has created an Explorers Academy. The students are introduced to an academy-like environment in which they see a glimpse of what real police cadets have to experience in order to graduate from an approved six month police academy in order become a sworn officer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The academy is thirteen weeks long, meeting every Sunday night.


Officers of the Mendon Police Department come together to teach courses and educate the students on the type of self-discipline the police officers must maintain in their training at the full time police academy and on a daily basis as police officers. During the scheduled weekly classes, instructors will provide educational training on a variety of subjects such as Criminal Law, Motor Vehicle Law, Domestic Violence, and Constitutional Law. Students then use the information they learned and are given the opportunity to use it through scenario training such as Motor Vehicle Stops, Defensive Tactics, and Firearms.



Once graduated from the Explorer Academy, the explorers dedicate a great deal of time to help their community. Over the course of their time in the program, they participate in local events such as the Mendon Town Fair, Public Safety Day, Senior Center Breakfast, Veterans Appreciation Dinner, and various traffic control details in the town.

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